Madrid Magazine awards Héctor de Césare for his professional career

Madrid Magazine has awarded an award for his professional career to Héctor de Césare, on the occasion of the celebration of the IV edition of the Premios a la Trayectoria Profesional that took place on October 1 at the Wellington Hotel in Madrid.

The ceremony was presented by the journalist Patricia Betancort and Arantxa Ruiz. During the ceremony, the titles of ambassadors of the magazine were given, as well as 45 awards to professionals from all over the national territory. The star-shaped award was given to Mercedes Botín; Jaume Serra, President of the Banco de Alimentos de Valencia; designer Lina Lavin; the artist Remydenegro; actress Azucena de la Fuente; the exhibition curator Juliette de Haro, or the judge Emilia Zaballos, among others.

The gala had a necessary touch of solidarity, since an auction was held in favor of the Fundación Isabel Gemio. The journalist and presenter, also awarded for her work, dedicated an endearing and exciting message to the organization and attendees.

The final point was put by Héctor de Césare, who raised the entire audience from their seats, making them vibrate and dance.

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