Héctor de Césare launches a challenge for his new hit “Habibi Dance”

Héctor de Césare has launched a challenge on Tik Tok and on Instagram Reels of his new hit “Habibi Dance” in which the participants have to upload a fun video dancing to the song. This challenge begins at the same time in Spain and Colombia, where great expectations will be generated in both countries. The objective of this initiative is to viralize the song with the hashtag #habibidancetrend.

“Habibi Dance” is the new single by Héctor de Césare with which he intends to take the world by storm. It is a very fun dance with an original choreography whose objective is for it to become one of the most popular and danced themes this summer. This dance is brought to life by a song created from a fusion of musical styles very characteristic of Héctor de Césare. On this occasion, Latin American Hip Hop with urban and oriental overtones are the protagonists; oriental music chords and melodies are intermingled with the language of Rap along with elements of EDM electronic music, hints of Latin Reggaeton and some Jazz passages. This song is performed in two languages: Spanish, the artist's native language, and North American English.

The musical production bears the signature of Héctor de Césare himself and the musician and producer Aure Ortega, who has made a large part of the musical arrangements. We must highlight the collaboration in the choirs of the Moroccan artist Haffida El Oumlouki Shaimi, who has given the oriental flavor in the voices. The vocal production has been directed by Aure Ortega and also by the musician and producer Javier Losada. The sound engineer Piti Martínez has been in charge of mixing and mastering the song.

In addition, "Habibi Dance" comes accompanied by a very powerful audiovisual section. It is undoubtedly Héctor de Césare's most ambitious project to date, and it is that a great display of dancers, musicians, actors and extras bring to life the official video clip of the song. The video has been recorded in the Marrakech hall in Fuenlabrada in Madrid, where the theme takes us to the most classic settings of ancient Egypt intermingled with the urban world. Oriental decorations, exotic dancers, touches of belly dance and Arab costumes, all this together with urban dances, make this audiovisual original.

The video clip has been directed by Héctor de Césare himself together with the director of the audiovisual production company Recquik, Bart Miranda. The audiovisual production company from Valencia Vórtice media has also collaborated in the production, edition and assembly.

The artist's record company, De Césare Art Music, is in charge of publishing the song and the video clip.

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