Héctor de Césare aims to achieve another viral success with "Vente conmigo"

This new Electro-Latin single aims to make the masses dance

After the viral success with his previous song "Habibi Dance" (De Césare Art Music, 2023), Héctor de Césare returns to the fray with "Vente Conmigo" (De Césare Art Music, 2024). It is a new song that he releases with the intention of making it a resounding success this season, both on the dance floors and on the radio. On this occasion, the Valencian artist surprises with a well-known genre called Electro-Latin, where electronics and Latin music come together in a very powerful mix with the aim of making the masses dance.

"Vente Conmigo" has been produced under the motto of musical fusions with jazzy airs, especially in the chords, melodies and instruments used. They are elements widely used in the artist's previous productions and with which he feels very identified, which has given rise to a new musical genre invented by the artist himself and which he has called Urban Jazz Pop.

This new single has been composed by Héctor de Césare himself and also produced musically by himself together with people from his usual work team, such as the musician and producer Aure Ortega, who has shaped it with his Latin and jazz arrangements, and also the musician and producer Javier Losada, who has participated in the recording and vocal arrangements. Sound engineer Piti Martínez has been in charge of mixing and mastering.

“Vente Conmigo” is now available on digital platforms. Listen to it here.

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