Of Valencian origin and Andalusian and Argentine roots, he comes from a family of musicians. Already from the womb he moved every time his mother played the bass in concerts. He began to study music seriously from the age of 6 under the direction of his father, who taught him music theory and piano. It was from the age of 12 when he took his first instrument, the bass, into his hands, studying it deeply and playing with various groups at a local level. Later he would become interested in the guitar, percussion and singing, studying classical guitar at the conservatory until he finished middle school as well as taking singing classes.


Later he would specialize in jazz and modern music, also taking an interest in the world of music production and recording studios, studying courses and masters until he became a music producer.


It is at the age of 17 when Héctor de Césare begins to stand out in the musical environment and is called to play with famous pop and mixed race musicians and groups of the moment, such as Girasoules or the Barbería del Sur. In addition, he has collaborated on projects with musicians of the stature of Juan Luis Giménez or Nacho Mañó, from Presuntos Implicados. He has also played and recorded in prominent projects with prestigious Spanish pop and jazz musicians, such as Ximo Tebar, Alberto Tarín, from Seguridad Social, and Perico Sambeat.



In 2010, Héctor de Césare created the band La Flamenquería Mestiza, a fusion and musical mix band. They record an album, where all the songs are composed and produced entirely by Héctor, later performing numerous concerts and tours nationwide. Years later he decides to end the stage of the group and begins his solo artistic career. Thus, in June 2014, he released the single "Mi elixir prohibido" together with a video clip that since its publication has received more than 84,000 views on YouTube.


In November 2014, after working for a year with the musician and producer Iván Cebrián, he published his first solo album entitled "Veneno". The ten songs that make up this album are framed in a pop-rock style with Latin rhythms and fresh guitars. The first single from this album is "Mi elixir prohibido".


Shortly after, he would release his second single, "Veneno (the single)", also included on the album, accompanied by a wonderful animated video clip that recounts the development of the song through different sequences. The video is available on Vevo, an elite platform where great artists premiere their videos before posting them on YouTube. Later, he released the video clip and the single of the summer remix of the song "Veneno". The video clip is available on platforms such as YouTube and Vevo, while the single can be obtained on iTunes and Spotify.



In June 2016, he published the single and the video clip "Corazón" through Blanco y Negro Latino, a sub-label of the multinational Blanco y Negro. "Corazón" is a cover of the original song by Brazilian musician Dorgival Dantas titled "Coraçao".

In January of the following year, he published the single "Nobody better than you", a song included on his album "Veneno", whose release is accompanied by a lyric video and later by a video clip.


At the end of 2018, he released the new "Mojo Picón", a song that was a hit in the 80s and that brought Caco Senante to the top of the charts and in the current national and international scene. In this new version, Héctor appears singing along with Caco Senante and also with the Canarian singer and deejay Twinyi, where he also has an intervention rapping a verse. This new “Mojo Picón” is published under the record label of Héctor De Césare.


At the end of 2019, he released "Rosa María", a new urban Latin version with touches of dancehall and melodies and structures of the pop genre of the song that he already made known with his previous formation La Flamenquería Mestiza.


In the summer of 2020, he published a bachata version of his song "Nadie mejor que tú", a fusion between pop, Latin music and certain touches of neo soul and flamenco.


In February 2022, he published a renewed version of the Latin music hit "La vida es un carnaval". With this song he creates a new musical genre, Urban Jazz Pop, a fusion of urban music with hints of jazz and pop structures.


In the summer of 2020, Héctor continues to release versions of his oldest songs, and this time he does one of them published on his album Veneno (2014 De Cesare Art Music), the song called "Nobody Better Than You", it is about of a medium-tempo pop dedicated to plus-size women. The new version of this song was produced in a very sensual Caribbean musical style called Bachata.


At the end of 2022, he published "Muévete (Move on)", a fusion of musical styles such as African Afrobeat, Hip Hop and Jazz with a common nexus that is what characterizes Urban Jazz Pop.


In April 2023, he released the single "Habibi dance" with a very fun and original dance. It is a song that combines Latin American Hip Hop with urban and oriental overtones are the protagonists; oriental music chords and melodies are intermingled with the language of Rap along with elements of EDM electronic music, hints of Latin Reggaeton and some Jazz passages. The single comes accompanied by a video clip.


Today, Héctor lives in Madrid working as a presenter, announcer and producer of his own television and radio music program called Más Que Pop TV, where a whole human team works continuously for this project. Also noteworthy is the collaboration of comedian Jesús Manzano in Más que pop through a humor section called "Microcanciones con Jesús Manzano". Currently, Jesús, apart from his performance and collaboration in Más Que Pop, works on the fashion television program on Antena 3 in Spain called "El Hormiguero" with an audience rate of 3 million people per program. The radio and television studios of Más Que Pop are located in the prestigious Madrid rehearsal venues Ritmo y Compás, where the latter also produce television programs. The radio program is broadcast in the main cities throughout Spain through local radios and internationally it is broadcast in the USA and in the top 40 in the part of Paraná and Entre Ríos in Argentina.

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